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The Story Begins—Calwyn Feralyth

Posted by countingku on May 14, 2010

@DMSamuel is rebooting his Ruboryn campaign, and I am one of the lucky few to be involved. I played a happy-go-lucky half-elven bard named Calwyn Feralyth in the original campaign. Sam set this reboot in the past, and while I still wanted to play a Valor Bard… I did not want to play the same Valor Bard.

I’ve never played a human in Dungeons and Dragons, with so many options playing the same race I am seemed boring. This reboot seemed to be a perfect time to finally try a human. I wanted something darker, with some real moral conflict. I found the Arcane Mercenary background, and it seemed a perfect conflict for a good aligned character. So a human ancestor of the original Calwyn was born. You can find his iPlay4e sheet here and his background behind the cut. Read the rest of this entry »


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