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The Story Begins—Calwyn Feralyth

Posted by countingku on May 14, 2010

@DMSamuel is rebooting his Ruboryn campaign, and I am one of the lucky few to be involved. I played a happy-go-lucky half-elven bard named Calwyn Feralyth in the original campaign. Sam set this reboot in the past, and while I still wanted to play a Valor Bard… I did not want to play the same Valor Bard.

I’ve never played a human in Dungeons and Dragons, with so many options playing the same race I am seemed boring. This reboot seemed to be a perfect time to finally try a human. I wanted something darker, with some real moral conflict. I found the Arcane Mercenary background, and it seemed a perfect conflict for a good aligned character. So a human ancestor of the original Calwyn was born. You can find his iPlay4e sheet here and his background behind the cut. Read the rest of this entry »


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Introducing Septimus, Avenger of Scorpus

Posted by countingku on April 6, 2010

Who is the man who can Oath your ass like no one can? Septimus! Can ya dig it?

Septimus, Eladrin Avenger of Scorpus

I play Septimus in @dwolf63‘s Maptools game each Monday.

He is an Avenger of Scorpus, the Lord of Secrets and Shadows. A  maligned and misunderstood deity, most worshipers of Scorpus keep their faith secret and their actions shadowed. Avengers of Scorpus are the exception. They stride forth, to keep the secrets locked in shadow that would tear the world asunder, to punish those that would release them, and to exert Scorpus’ will upon the world of Cordeia.

If you want a character portrait this cool, contact @d20plusmodifier and tell him I sent you.

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